Meet Maskk, who began his sonic journey amid Rome’s vibrant “Illegal rave scene” in the mid-1990s. The pulsating rhythm of Italy’s Teknivals and Rave circuit soon drew him in, and the line between raver and DJ began to blur as he ventured into the art of mixing records.
In 1998, Maskk spearheaded the formation of the audacious sound system, Kernel Panik. This collective fueled his travels across Europe, and soon, his captivating music led him to the vibrant cultures of Argentina and Brazil. In 2006, Maskk and Kernel Panik embarked on the ambitious South Side Mission, a two-year expedition across the Latin continent organizing enthralling festivals and free parties.
Maskk’s creativity didn’t stop at DJing – he soon began crafting live sets. His early works, initially produced on magnetic tapes around the year 2000, evolved over the years from CD-R to vinyl, tracing the evolution of his sound.
In 2013, he teamed up with Ixindamix, culminating in a dynamic live production duo. Their collaborations birthed numerous vinyl releases and the formation of their independent label, DONT PANIK INDEPENDENT RECORDS.
Over the years, Maskk’s undeniable talent has seen him perform in a myriad of venues. From electrifying rave parties like “BORDELL 23” and “TEQUINOX PARTY” to renowned festivals and social centers, his music has resonated across the European peninsula. His consistent presence in clubs, discos, and festivals in various European cities is a testament to his craft.
Maskk’s legacy extends beyond the club scene. As a DJ and music maker, he’s become a regular at numerous Street Parades, Million Marijuana Marches, World/Gay Pride events, and festivals, including the iconic Glastonbury Festival in the UK.
Follow Maskk’s journey as he continues to weave his musical narratives, inspiring ravers and music lovers alike with his distinct and innovative sound.
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